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VitaJuwel Dispenser "Happiness" (NEPHRITE JADE, CARNELIAN, ORANGE CALCITE, ROCK CRYSTAL) Plus Free Hand Sanatizer

$65.00 USD
For every dosing dispenser pump! Happiness you get a bottle with 500ml hygiene hand gel for free!

The soap dispenser pump! is suitable for liquid soap and disinfectant hand gels - ideal for hygiene and hand disinfection, which is so important at the moment! Delicate lemon scent, moisturizing.

The soap dispenser consists of particularly resistant borosilicate glass, a stainless steel attachment for pumping and - as with the ViA bottles - a removable gemstone module. It can be filled as you wish! Use it for nourishing body oil, fragrant soap or, most recently, disinfectant gel for your hands. The module contains the tried-and-tested Happiness mixture, which, with its bright, cheerful colors alone, ensures a moment of good humor.

The Happieness gemstone mixture contains tumbled stones from Lapis Vitalis in the stone types carnelian, orange calcite and nephrite jade - Lapis Vitalis inside guarantees high therapy stone quality!

+ carnelian (stimulation, motivation, overcoming problems)
+ orange calcite (joie de vivre, optimism)
+ Nephrite jade (shielding from external pressure and negative energies, strengthening inner balance)

You can also exchange the module - all modules of the ViA bottles also fit into the dosing dispenser!

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