RAINBOW FLUORITE CRYSTAL: Intuitive powers and clarity of the mind

Rainbow Fluorite is a fascinating crystal that displays a wide range of colors. Varying from green to purple, pink, blue, and yellow it is a versatile crystal that can work with different chakras, facilitating the flow, promoting clarity of the mind, and opening intuition.

This beautiful stone is found in different countries, such as South Africa, China, Australia, the United States, and Brazil. And can come in different shapes, like natural geodes, polished or cut. 

The healing properties of this crystal are amazing to the mind. It brings clarity, helping you sharpen the mind and process information. And it supports you in overcoming stress, either physical or mental. Thus, a great choice to assist you in school, work, and even on a personal level, by bringing clarity to your feelings and circumstances. Rainbow fluorite is also a powerful tool in strengthening intuitive abilities, therefore great for meditation practice.

This beautiful and colorful crystal can assist you in feeling balanced, and you can use it whenever you feel out of balance, sad or stressed, to restore your inner balance. Perfect for when you feel stressed due to dealing with difficult people, poor work-life balance, or when you have a demanding task that requires extreme concentration. These are just a few examples.

In a nutshell, the Rainbow Fluorite healing properties are:

  • Excellent for processing information so that the mind becomes sharper
  • Overcomes stress, physical or mental
  • Reveals the truth behind a situation
  • Cleanses and stabilizes the aura 
  • Heightens intuitive powers and enhances trance states
  • Helpful when you need to act objectively 

To receive all these amazing benefits, you can simply place the crystal nearby, in the place where you need it the most. Suppose that some situation is causing you to stress at work. In this case, you can place the Rainbow fluorite at your desk or purse if you have it nearby. You can also have it at home and use it when needed. Just hold the crystal in your dominant hand, early in the morning and at the end of the day. Close your eyes and repeat your affirmation, which can be something similar to I feel safe and grounded, I feel balanced, I have clarity of mind, or I am in tune with my intuition. You can tailor the affirmations to your needs.

When meditating and to increase its power, you can pair it with Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz amplifies energy and works extremely well with all crystals. Just place both crystals in your meditation nook and enjoy!


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