How To Get In Tune With The Moon

Whether we are conscious or not the moon has a huge impact on our lives, from dictating the ocean tides, planting and crop seasons to feminine fertility. So, why not get in touch with this powerful force of nature? Getting in tune with the moon will help you in understanding your mood and organizing your life in harmony with nature. Let's explore more about moon phases and how to make the best of each cycle.

New Moon - This phase has great potential and it's all about manifesting your dreams. Think of it as the beginning of the cycle when you plant the seeds to grow your aspirations. This is the time to reflect and to write down your wishes and goals, to create and set your intentions for the month and ask yourself "What do I wish to achieve?" or "What are my dreams" and decide which ones do you really wish to accomplish.

Waxing Crescent Moon - This is time to push forward, to have hope and strength. Go through your wishes or goals and set a proper plan, a list with the steps needed to achieve it and work your magic! 

First Quarter Moon - Time to put your plan into practice and make things happen! Challenges may happen so stay strong and act about them.

Gibbous Moon - Just keep going! If needed adjust your actions to stay on course and keep momentum, things should start to come together.

Full Moon - The full moon is the summit, it's the make-or-break time! Things have been building up and this is the culmination. It's time to celebrate your achievements and harvest your results, if you didn't accomplish your goals don't worry too much, some goals and dreams just take more time. All your emotions will rise to the surface so be aware of that. The full moon is also a great time to let anything that no longer serves you go, to practice forgiveness and gratitude.

Waning Gibbous - This is the moment to breathe, accept and regroup. If your goals come true accept them and consolidate if not analyse them to identify if something is holding you back. Be gentle to yourself during this stage, the full moon is an intense event so now is the occasion to recharge.

Last Quarter - At this stage, you may be feeling tired but don't give up now, make the necessary adjustments and just keep going. Take a look back to see how much you accomplished to give you extra motivation.

Waning Crescent - The new moon is almost peaking and it's a great opportunity for healing and surrender, there are things in life that we can't simply change and trying to combat this it's a waste of energy! So give yourself a break and prepare for the upcoming moon phase. Start dreaming ;)

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