Amethyst – February's Birthstone

Birthstones have a long tradition now and Amethyst is the stone of February and a great gift or acquisition to someone born in this month, which corresponds to the Aquarius and Pisces zodiac signs. Amethyst is also one of the most desired crystals out there, maybe because of its beautiful purple/violet colour. This gem has been a popular gem since ancient times. It is a gorgeous violet-coloured quartz that is mostly found in cavities of volcanic rock. Amethyst is a near relative of the rock crystal, which owes its marvelous colour to the finest vestiges of iron in its crystal lattice. Its colour is rarely even and most amethysts have colourless and dark zones. 

It is believed to be a powerful and remarkably protective stone, protecting against physical attack and transforming energy into love. The stone is also believed to assist in overcoming addictions and blockages of all kinds. Amethyst is excellent for the mind and aids in the decision-making process. While also balancing out the highs and lows allowing you to reach a true balance. It's a good stone for finding balance and calm. And it can be used for meditation practice, as a palm stone to carry with you, to improve the energy in a room, or as a piece of jewelry.

Amethyst Crystal Ring

Amethyst can also be used to work with the crown and third-eye chakras by placing them in the chakra area or nearby. Chakras are energy spots that flow through the body, and energy flows through them. Located in the middle of the forehead, this is the third-eye chakra, associated with intuition and intellect. And, the crown chakra is located at the top of the head and corresponds to the higher self, enlightenment, and the divine.


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